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428th Electromagnetic Warfare Flight

The 428th Electromagnetic Warfare Flight is located at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. The Flight is a Reserve associate unit to the 4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron.


The Flight integrates with and mirrors the 4th EWS in a total force integration readiness partnership to train, equip, mobilize and employ space electromagnetic warfare capabilities to support the full spectrum national security objectives. The Reserve officer and enlisted SEW professionals provide extensive knowledge of advanced orbital mechanics, satellite command-and-control and mission planning concepts to bolster crew force depth, continuity, readiness and surge capacity for this critical mission.

The Flight was initially activated as the 710th Operations Group, Detachment 1 on Sept. 17, 2021, and redesignated to the 428th EWF on Feb. 28, 2023.

The 428th designation has rich heritage associated with the 310th back to its original activation as the 428th Bombardment Squadron from April 22, 1942 to Sept. 12, 1945, flying the B-25 Mitchel Bomber under the 310th Bombardment Group. It was later activated again, under the 310th Bombardment Wing from Feb. 1, 1959 to        Jan. 1, 1962, flying the B-47 Stratojet Strategic Bomber.