Furlough to impact Schriever

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  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The current budget appropriations for the federal government is set to expire Feb. 8.

Congress and the President must pass a budget or another short term continuing resolution to fund critical government operations after this date.

A shutdown furlough has not been ordered, nor confirmed. Leadership remains optimistic a resolution will be attained and a shutdown averted. However, if that’s not the case leadership wants base members to be prepared.

“I am thankful for the continuing resolution,” said Col. Jennifer Grant, 50th Space Wing commander. “Most importantly, I appreciate your patience during this trying time.”

Planning and preparing for continuing resolutions and furloughs can be tricky as there are many unknowns depending on Congressional direction and guidance, and sometimes many opportunities for it to be averted altogether.

If a shutdown occurs, the civilian personnel office will disseminate information to commanders outlining the various steps depending on status Feb. 9.

Historically, all military members on active duty and National Guard or reservists in Title 10 status, will report for duty as usual. In addition, all civilian employees will report to duty as normal Feb. 9 to receive specific instructions to initiate an orderly shutdown.

The shutdown will also likely impact training, temporary duties and other mission requirements scheduled to occur or continue during the shutdown period. Members should work with their supervisors to make decisions on these items with the available guidance.

“These are challenging times. Please know we will make every effort to provide information as it becomes available,” Grant said. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or leadership throughout this process.”

The Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force pushed updates during the weekend through Facebook.

“The information doesn’t flow as fast as we’d like, the processes aren’t as smooth as we’d like and there will probably be some confusion as we all work through who and what is expected and how to best carry out the guidance our elected officials handed down,” Chief Master Sgt. Kaleth O. Wright said in a Facebook post Jan. 21.

To get the most updated status on the shutdown, employees can also visit the Office of Personal Management Website at https://www.opm.gov.

“Each and every one of you is important to our mission,” said Gen. Jay Raymond, Air Force Space Command commander in an email to the command. “It is times like this when our Air Force family will continue to support each other.”

Civilians requiring additional assistance can access the Employee Assistance Program, at 1-800-222-0364, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“We are one team and together we’ll get through this,” Grant said. “Continue to look out for and support one another.”

Below are Schriever specific impacts during a shutdown, should one occur, for base members to plan accordingly.

People: All military and civilian employees should report to work following the end of a continuing resolution to receive instructions from their supervisors, commanders or directors.

Here is a link to OPM guidance regarding status, leave and pay for civilian employees: http://www.opm.gov/policy-dad-oversight/pay-leave/furlough-guidance/guidance-for-shutdown-furloughs.pdg.

There are several base services impacted by a shutdown.

- Airman and Family Readiness Center: Limited services to include Air Force Aid, Lending Library, SBP Program and Casualty, Readiness, Voting Program, Information and referral services

- Child Development Center and School Age Program: Open

- Civilian Personnel Offices: Closed

- NAF Human Resources Office: Closed

- Military Personnel – Dependent and Military IDs: Open

- Education and Training: Limited service

- Satellite Dish Dining Facility: Open

- Fitness Center: Open

- Gates: Normally scheduled hours

- Outdoor Recreation, Engraving and Framing: Open

- Medical Clinic: Open, expect delayed services

- AAFES Operations (Barber Shop, Dunkin’ Donuts, Food Trucks and Xpress): Open

- Ent: Open

Temporary Duty:
Most TDYs are suspended during this time period. Check with supervisors prior to planned departure.