310th Operations Group

The 310th Operations Group is part of the 310th Space Wing, the only space wing in the Air Force Reserve. Located at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado.

Organization: The group is composed of three squadrons that provide support to all units of the 310th Space Wing.

Missions: The 7th Space Operations Squadron is the Reserve Associate Unit to the 1st Space Operations Squadron. The squadron provides space operations, intelligence and engineering professionals to command, control and employ the Space Based Space Surveillance, the Advanced Technology Risk Reduction (ATRR), the Operationally Responsive Space-5 and the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program weapon systems. The SBSS, ATRR, and ORS-5 satellites provide unprecedented position and maneuver detection data of previously uncorrelated resident space objects. The GSSAP satellites operate in the near geosynchronous orbit regime performing United States Space Command surveillance and reconnaissance operations. In addition to supporting the 1st and 7th SOPS, it also has a special relationship with the 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron and provides space operations and engineering professionals to supports the operation of multiple demonstration systems.

19th SOPS is the Reserve Associate Unit to the 2nd Space Operations Squadron, Delta 8, U.S. Space Force. The unit performs launch, early-orbit, anomaly resolution and disposal operations for the GPS satellite constellation, and provides 24-hour, highly accurate navigation, timing and nuclear detonation information to users worldwide. It provides both an operational and strategic reserve capability by supporting daily operations while simultaneously maintaining a substantial call-up force. The unit regularly responds to taskings from CFSCC - via the Combined Space Tasking Order. In addition, 19th SOPS' highly experienced personnel provide positioning, navigation and timing system expertise to National Command Authorities for Defense Support to Civil Authority functions, and navigation warfare planning and operations expertise to combatant commanders worldwide.

The 6th Space Operations Squadron provides a backup command and control center for the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, which is the longest-running production satellite program ever. The DMSP satellite constellation provides strategic and tactical weather prediction to aid military operations planning at sea, on land, and in the air. The satellites can image visible and infrared cloud cover, measure precipitation, surface temperature, and soil moisture. In addition, it collects specialized global meteorological oceanographic and solar- geophysical information in all weather conditions. It also has sensors for space weather data that is used to assist in high-frequency communications, over-the-horizon radar and spacecraft drag and reentry tasks. The information provided by the DMSP satellites is used to compile various worldwide weather products for numerous users, such as the Air Force 557th Weather Wing and Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center as well as civilian authorities through the Department of Commerce.