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  • The IG on “complaints” – and how to start change

    When briefing new 310 SW arrivals on the Inspector General program, I share that I am not a big fan of the word “complaint” even as I manage the IG Complaint Resolution Program (CRP). Why? Perhaps because “concern” is a better expression serving the same purpose without negative associations.
  • Honoring with dignity

    The High Frontier honor guard that provides detail services to Schriever and Peterson Air Force Base, is unique. It is unique in the sense it is comprised of members from Air Force bases within the front range including Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson AFB. The rotation for a ceremonial guardsman is six months in active service, followed by six months of stand-by duty.
  • Why IG?

    There are a myriad of resources available to military members and it is easy to forget who does what and when to access them.  A diverse catalogue of beneficial services is always a good problem, but it is important to highlight the programs that can provide members help when he or she feels that all their option have been exhausted.   One program
  • Every Airman has a role in preventing sexual assault

    This story is part of the "Commentaries" section on AF.mil. These stories capture the experiences of Airmen from a first-person perspective. Every April we recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, using it as an opportunity to renew our commitment to treating each other with dignity and respect. I applaud and support the idea of a month focused on
  • In Fort Hood tragedy, a reminder to take care of one another

    As a mental health professional, a military member and a human being, the recent events at Fort Hood, Texas, hit home. For a tragic second time at the same installation, an individual reached the conclusion they had no better way to cope with distress than to harm their fellow service members. Though we are all members of the profession of arms,
  • 6th SOPS celebrates 15 year anniversary as DMSP back up

    The Defense Metrologic Satellite Program has one of the richest histories and legacies of any satellite program. Birthed in a cloak of secrecy in the early 1960s, DMSP has provided timely national priority-one environmental intelligence for well over half a century.Originally operated out of Strategic Air Command's backyard at Offutt AFB, the
  • Defender of the doorstop

    Most of us in the Air Force get into a pretty good routine of things. The morning cup of coffee, the salutations to co-workers, checking Outlook for latest e-mails, performing our duty, then we head home for the day. We are, by nature, creatures of habit.But does that habit mean you walk by the doorstop every morning?We all take pride in the work
  • AFRC commander sends holiday season greetings to Citizen Airmen

    As we finish this year and look forward to the next, I want to thank you for your outstanding commitment and professionalism. You and your fellow Citizen Airmen clearly displayed a "service before self" attitude.From sequestration to the government shutdown, the budget challenges were numerous. I appreciate your dedication to the mission, the Air
  • Valuing 'Citizen Airmen' in space today

    When asked to provide commentary on a subject of my choice, it took me about 10 seconds to pick a topic - the value of the Air Force Reserve in space today. The joining of 310th Space Wing "Citizen Airmen" alongside our regular Air Force mission partners across Air Force Space Command bases strengthens an important relationship needed for combatant
  • From the Rubble

    I just took my first look at pictures of One World Trade Center, the main building that is being built near the site of the "Twin Towers" that were destroyed nearly eleven years ago. It is already the tallest building in New York and, from looking at the pictures; you would never know the horror associated with that place in our relatively recent