310 SW/IG team takes home 2016 John P. Flynn award

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Laura Turner
  • 310th Space Wing Public Affairs


Maj. Paul Deutsch, Director of the 310th Space Wing Inspector General Complaints Resolution Program, and Lt. Col. Jerade Tipton, 310th SW/IG Complaints Resolution Management, received the 2016 Lt. Gen. John P. Flynn Inspector General Award, Category II. This award recognizes an outstanding IG Complaints Resolution Program (CRP) office that best embodies the six fundamental characteristics of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s leadership model: integrity, justice, compassion, loyalty, courage and spirit. IG offices whose performance is proactive as well as above and beyond the completion of day-to-day mission requirements are also considered for the award.

“Our office works well because we utilize a collaborative process,” said Tipton. “Utilizing our combined professional experience has allowed us to solve more difficult cases and find the best possible resolution path for complainants.”  

The 310th IG office holds to a simple philosophy, as directed by Air Force Instruction 90-301.

“What can we do to help AF members, have issues resolved and their focus returned to the mission?” quotes Deutsch. “With this philosophy and mission in mind, we help members take steps to remove barriers and continue toward resolution of complaints.”

In regards to how members within the wing can help improve the process, Tipton points out that a timely complaint usually leads to a more timely and effective solution.

“We would encourage members to come visit the IG office before an issue escalates and consumes the member’s energy and focus,” said Tipton. “Additionally, if an individual lets an issue smolder over a long period of time it can become more complex and the resolution path becomes more tenuous.”

A small issue, notes Deutsch, is easier to tackle than a larger one.

“We encourage all wing members to serve as Wingmen,” said Deutsch, “pointing your co-workers to the right resources (IG, Airmen Family & Readiness Center, etc.) when it starts to look as if they have a significant issue getting in the way of the mission and their own well-being.”

For other wing’s looking to improve their IG program, Tipton and Deutsch offer a few tips of encouragement.

“Continually educate your wing members on the CRP,” said Tipton, “Encourage members to reach out to the IG office to assist in finding an appropriate resolution to their issues. Maintain a reputation as a supportive and approachable agency. Lastly, find innovative approaches to simplify and make the CRP more efficient.”

“Never be stuck alone!” adds Deutsch. “Lt. Col. Tipton and I work together in discussing significant issues in order to come up with better outcomes than either of us could independently. This is helpful whether we are talking about readiness, inspections, or complaints.”

Ultimately, Deutsch credits teamwork for their award-winning success.

“A team approach helps keep us fresh and best-equipped to resolve issues and bring the wing and its members to a better place.”


Need to contact 310th SW/IG?

Email paul.deutsch.2@us.af.mil or jerade.tipton.1@us.af.mil, call 567-3984/567-6370, or visit their offices on the second floor of Bldg 26.

For 24/7 complaints a DoD Hotline is also available at 1-800-424-9098.  Remember that everyone has a right to access the IG or Congress (including military, civilians, contractors, or family) and you do not need the consent of your unit to do so.  If the IG cannot assist directly, they will point you in the right direction.  If something feels wrong, it is time to reach out—and it is never too early to do so, as small concerns have a tendency to grow into even bigger problems over time.

The IG is a resource here to help - contact your 310 SW/IG to start the conversation!