310th Space Wing promotes summer safety

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sam Salopek
  • 310th Space Wing Public Affairs

With the Air Force’s risk management program ‘Quest for Zero’ in full swing, the 310th Space Wing safety office works to educate members on minimizing risks.

During the critical summer days, the safety office focuses on mitigating hazards associated with outdoor activities, said Technical Sgt. Richard Porter, 310th Space Wing occupational safety manager.

“Those are the days that we try to focus on outdoor activities that are going on with our members in the wing,” said Porter. “What we try to do is increase awareness of people being outside and doing activities that they normally wouldn’t do.”

To combat against ill-informed decisions, the safety office works to instruct individuals on safe summertime practices.

During summer months, the wing safety office sends out information specific to hot weather, staying hydrated, summer activities, and the ramifications of drinking during activities and hot weather, said Staff Sgt. Heather Strong, 310th Space Wing safety technician.

“We send out emails to all unit safety representatives,” said Strong. “We also post ‘Tinkle Talks’ in the bathrooms that have specific information for that month.

For example, this month we put in a lot of information about heat stroke.”

The wing safety office also offers risk management classes on request, said Strong.

“Accidents do happen, you pretty much can’t avoid it, but we try to limit it,” said Porter.

If an individual is going to participate in high risk activities, such as sky diving, jet skiing, or rock climbing, they should fill out a high risk activity worksheet with their commander prior to the activity, said Porter.

Members can decrease activity hazards with proper preparations.

Taking the time to research activity rules and proper safety gear as well as knowing individual limitations can help mitigate risks, said Porter.

If a member is injured, there are certain steps that should be taken after receiving proper medical care.

The injured member must contact their supervisor, said Porter. After the supervisor is notified, they must contact the commander and the safety representative. With the safety representative, the supervisor fills out the AF Form 978. The wing safety office must be notified within five duty days of the injury.

As a reminder, military members are required to report injuries.

If an individual is in the military and they get injured, the chain of command and safety office need to know regardless if the injury happens on or off duty, said Porter.

“If it looks unsafe, it probably is,” said Porter. “Personal awareness is what we’re trying to instill in the Airmen.”

For questions or further information concerning safety, contact the 310th SW safety office at 719-567-6366 or your local safety office.