SMF Industry Day enlightens local leaders

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Laura Turner
  • 310th Space Wing Public Affairs


Business leaders from the Colorado Springs area visited the only Reserve space wing in the Air Force on Tuesday to attend the 310th Space Wing’s Space Mission Force Industry Day. The object of the meeting was for 310th leadership to inform local employers on how the Reserve mission will affect Citizen Airmen currently working for their companies in a civilian capacity. 

Col. Darren Buck, 310th Space Wing vice commander, started the meeting off by thanking the leaders for their attendance.

“I’d like to welcome you all on behalf of Col. Kueker-Murphy, our wing commander,” said Buck. “The social aspect of this meeting is important, that we have this type of engagement. We really appreciate you coming out.”

Many of the individuals attending the meeting were retired military and understand the demands that Air Force Reservists face. The space mission, however, continues to evolve and change each year, creating more opportunities for Citizen Airmen to contribute time toward their military service. Keeping their civilian employers informed of these changes is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship between the 310th Space Wing and these local companies.

“A big selling point of our Reservists is continuity,” explained Buck. “I want to preserve that traditional Reserve construct as much as possible. Especially given the impact some of our members have within your companies in the community.”

Reserve members differ from their active duty counterparts as stationary forces, not moving to new locations every few years. They are able to remain at one wing, or within one career field, and become subject matter experts.

“As Reservists, one thing we bring to the table is depth of expertise in a particular line of work,” said Buck. “There really is intrinsic value in that.”