2018 Water Quality Report

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Cherokee Metropolitan District supplies drinking water to Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. Personnel can get the facts about the water they drink from the recently released Cherokee Metropolitan District - Consumer Water Quality Report. This report (reporting period Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017) informs the public about the water quality and services provided to the base population every day.

Cherokee Metropolitan District staff, as well as the 21st Medical Group’s Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight, test the water consumed throughout the base. Throughout the process of collection, treatment and distribution, certified water treatment plant operators and laboratory staff monitor the water quality for its chemical and biological content. Some of these analyses are required to meet state and federal standards, while others are part of ongoing testing to assure a continual supply of high quality drinking water. Cherokee Metropolitan District employees test the water at the wells, treatment plant and water distribution system. While BE tests water at five different sampling locations per month for microbiological contamination that could occur in the Schriever AFB section of the distribution system. The Schriever AFB sample sites include the dining facility and the Child Development Center. All 2017 microbiological samples were analyzed by El Paso County Public Health laboratory and reported safe.

In 2017, Cherokee Metropolitan District received its water supply from three distinct sources: groundwater from deep aquifers in the Arapaho and Denver Basins (non-renewable water), north of Black Forest and alluvial groundwater from the Upper Black Squirrel Basin (renewable water). In 2017, the supplies from the Arapaho and Denver Basin wells supplied approximately 9 percent of the District’s water supply. The Upper Black Squirrel Creek Alluvial Aquifer supplies groundwater from 19 municipal wells spanning an area nine miles north to 10 miles south of the town of Ellicott. These municipal wells are drilled approximately 180-feet deep.

Cherokee Metropolitan District would like their customers to be informed about their water utility services. To learn more, call their Distribution System Supervisor, Mike Kielma, at 597-5080 or attend an open Board of Directors meeting scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month located at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd. in Colorado Springs.

To view the complete 2018 Consumer Water Quality Report, visit the Cherokee Metropolitan District Website at https://www.cherokeemetro.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/91 or the Schriever AFB web page at www.schriever.af.mil. Consumers without web access can get a hard copy of the water quality report at the BE office located in building 500. All Schriever AFB personnel living in Peterson Air Force Base dormitories can receive a hard or electronic copy of the report from their dorm manager. For more information on Schriever AFB water quality, call the Schriever Bioenvironmental Engineering Office at 567-3948.

To view the report, click here.

(Water quality information courtesy of Cherokee Metropolitan District and Bioenvironmental Engineering)