Conserve energy, use smart energy choices

  • Published
  • By Abdelwahab Irshid
  • 50th Civil Engineer Squadron

October is Energy Action Month. 

The goal of Energy Action Month is to increase awareness about energy consumption and to encourage energy-saving actions for Airmen, civilians and their families.

This year’s Air Force Energy Action Month theme is “Protect the Power.”

It serves as a call to action for members of our Air Force community to practice energy efficient habits in their daily lives. Achieving the goal involves the hard work and innovation of all Schriever Airmen.  Protect the Power starts at the individual level and ends with installation resilience. 

Schriever AFB Energy Program’s work in protecting the power by improving resilience, optimizing demand and assuring supply and implementing a second power cogeneration source.

Power is vital since every mission, Airman and military capability depends on energy. Energy efficient actions highlighted during Energy Action Month should lead to good habits, increased mission assurance and reduced costs.

Energy Action Month is a time to show Airmen even the smallest effort to save energy can reduce cost drastically. Schriever AFB is making progress toward meeting energy and water reduction by implementing energy and water management projects throughout the wing.  Whether these projects are implemented base wide or in individual facilities, every action taken by Schriever AFB Airmen contributes toward strengthening the security and resiliency of the base and our Air Force utility infrastructure.


Energy Action Month makes smart energy choices and optimizing facility energy use as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use the right light for the job.

  2. At the end of the day, power down your space.

  3. Inform maintenance if you notice air leaks or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning issues.

During Energy Action Month and throughout the year, the Schriever AFB Energy Team recommends using these steps and resources to raise awareness of energy- and water-saving possibilities.  Doing so helps the team take action and protect the power by implementing the following:

  1. Appliance reduction – Remove or consolidate personal appliances (fridges, etc).

  2. Computer log off – Energy-savings sleep mode, could save Air Force $10,000 a year.

  3. Temperature control – Set temperatures to 66-76 degrees – dress seasonally, avoid heaters.

  4. Inform your facility manager about temperature problems, leaks, blocked vents, etc.

  5. Outdoor conservation – call 567-2300 for broken sprinklers, lights left on during the day, etc.

  6. No waste – Turn it off and report it.