DISH launches Go for Green initiative

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  • By 2nd Lt. Idalí Beltré Acevedo
  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The satellite DISH dining facility at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, launched the re-branded Go for Green 2.0 program Feb. 11.

The Go for Green 2.0 initiative is a Department of Defense program encouraging conscious eating by improving the nutritional environment in military dining facilities. The latest nutrition science, input from Department of Defense experts and best practices in community health promotion form the basis for this newly revised G4G program.

“Go for Green is a labelling system to help Airmen make better food choices,” said Carol Carr, 21st Medical Squadron health promotion coordinator. “Green will be high performance foods and reds are lower performance foods or things you want to eat less frequently.”

The program also aligns with Total Force Fitness and aims to help Airmen make more health-conscious food selections.

 “It is something to help our Airmen get better ideas of what appropriate foods look like and what might be healthier food choices for them,” Carr said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean if you are trying to lose weight that you can never eat a red food, it’s just kind of a general guideline to give you some idea of how nutritional that food is.”

For a more balanced and healthy diet, Carr recommends filling your plate with more green-labeled items, keeping the selection of yellow and red items to a minimum.

“I would make at least half of your plate green items, maybe about a quarter yellow items and try to eat those reds rarely, maybe a few times a week versus every single day,” she said.

Additionally, the program introduces the Pure Food strategy to the menu.

“A component of this initiative is the implementation of Pure Food, a strategy to introduce more fruits, vegetables, protein-rich pulses and ancient grains in the Dining Facility’s menu pattern,” said Jeff McClure, 50th Force Support Squadron sustainment and community services flight chief. “New to the menu will be the Pure Food Breakfast Bar, Pure Food Burrito Breakfast, Pure Food Breakfast Grain Bowl and the Pure Food Salad Bar.”

McClure explained the new additions in more detail.

“For breakfast, we will feature a new grain bowl and Pure Food Burrito option and will include servings of whole grain, muesli, oatmeal, or other whole grain cereal, plus turkey sausage and eggs for a filling breakfast that is still green,” he said. “The line will include breakfast bowls, made to order breakfast burritos with legumes and whole grains, and hot cereals with toppings.

“The salad bar now becomes the Pure Bar,” he continued. “In addition to traditional salad ingredients, a rotating daily selection of whole grains, plant-based protein items and other flavorful, healthy and satisfying items will be offered. These items will reflect the pure and natural offerings.”

McClure highlighted the quality of these new items and explained the changes in some prices and who will be impacted.

“With the addition of seeds, nuts and dried fruits, along with select vegetables, ancient grains and wholesome protein sources, the prices of select items will increase marginally for cash-paying customers. However, meal-card holders will not be impacted,” he said.

Here is an example of a few new ingredients and menu options. Patrons may notice price changes that reflect the healthier food choices:

  • Pure Food Breakfast Burrito: $1.65 (Surcharge not included in price)
         -       roasted tofu
         -       roasted sweet potato
         -       roasted cauliflower
         -       roasted broccoli
         -       barley
         -       quinoa
         -       shredded cheddar cheese
         -       scrambled eggs
         -       wheat tortilla

  • Pure Grain Bowl: $1.65 (Surcharge not included in price)

    Select any/all of the following items to be sautéed on the grill and served in bowl topped with your choice of eggs, any style.


  • seasoned chicken

  • roasted tofu

Roasted vegetables and grains:

  • barley

  • quinoa

  • broccoli

  • cauliflower

  • sweet potato

  • shredded cheddar cheese

  • Small Pure Bar Breakfast - $1.25/Large Pure Bar Breakfast - $2.50 (Surcharge not included in price)

    Pure Bar Breakfast includes six fresh fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, plain non-fat yogurt, Swiss Bircher Muesli Cereal, cinnamon granola cereal, pecans, almonds, dried cranberries and honey.


  • Please note: Any items taken from the Pure Bar will result in the customer being charged for a Pure Bar Breakfast. Exception: The six fresh fruits may be purchased ala carte in four ounce servings.

Fresh fruits:

  • grapes                 $0.60

  • watermelon       $0.55

  • blueberries         $1.00

  • cantaloupe          $0.25

  • honeydew          $0.50

  • strawberries       $0.85

  • pineapple            $0.50


  • Small Salad Pure Bar Lunch/Dinner - $1.50/Large Salad Pure Bar Lunch/Dinner - $3.10 (Surcharge not included in price)

  • Please Note:

    • Any items taken from the Pure Bar will result in the customer being charged for a Pure Bar. 

    • Do not add Pure Bar items to baked potatoes, wraps, sandwiches, taco bowls, etc.

      • There are specific areas for Specialty Bar toppings labelled accordingly as Taco Bar and Baked Potato Bar toppings.

  • This replaces the traditional salad bar. It will have a salad/lettuce bowl mixture of fresh romaine, kale, spinach and the following items:

  • cherry tomato

  • carrots

  • cucumbers

  • blanched broccoli

  • marinated beets

  • red onion

  • celery

  • black olives

  • black beans

  • roasted cauliflower

  • sweet potato

  • mushrooms,

  • tofu

  • sunflower seeds

  • almonds

  • pecans

  • croutons

  • crackers

  • dried cranberries

  • tuna salad

  • feta cheese

  • shredded cheddar cheese

  • egg 


  • Along with these are three specialty salads:

  • California vegetable slaw

  • tabbouleh w/quinoa

  • toasted barley and vegetable salad


Menus rotate every 28 days and they are subject to change at any time.

To access the next two week’s menu visit the information kiosks located either in the lobby of building 210 or at the fitness center, call the menu line at 567-3333, or visit:

For more information, visit

For more information about the program, contact Robert Moya, 50th SW Force Support Squadron food and beverage manager, at 567-4732.