Air Force launches safety app

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster
  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force Safety Center recently launched an application for Airmen and their families streamlining procedures for reporting safety issues as they happen.

This Airman Safety App provides a simple touch-point for reporting a hazardous condition or event.

Senior Master Sgt. Kevin Armstrong, 50th Space Wing occupational and weapons safety manager, said the application is an electronic means for Airmen to communicate directly with the installation safety staff regarding hazards.

“The application has basic options which drill down specific pages where the user can describe the event, hazard or mishap,” he said.

 From the application, users can also retrieve popular, top-level safety data and access tools and information to help increase the safety in your workplace.

The Air Force Safety Center’s vision in creating the application was to have a way to facilitate communication between Airmen and installation safety staff, but in a more modern and accessible way.

 “The new app was designed to circumvent a lengthy, archaic process for a more streamlined approach,” Armstrong said.

Users report through their devices versus trying to figure out who to talk to, what to fill out and how to contact the safety office.

Armstrong said because the safety office’s staffing is small and their area of responsibility is vast, additional eyes help.

“Additional eyes detecting hazards will likely result in decreased hazards, saving each installation immeasurable mishap and facility costs,” he said.

Senior Airman Kyle Hackett, 50th Space Wing command section, used the application and said it is a efficient way to report.

“The application is super easy to navigate through and use,” he said.

Hackett added he would recommend Airmen to download and use the app due to the convenience of a using a mobile device.

“An Airman can be anywhere in the world or in any situation and still be able to use the app right away and report a safety incident,” he said.

Through innovation and technological advances, the Air Force is finding ways to reach Airmen and meet their needs.

“Everything nowadays is used through apps,” Hackett said. “The Air Force Safety App is a smart and innovative way for the Air Force to transition some of their systems over in a way its members can use and have access at their fingertips.”

The application also features information on safety data, safety news and links for further resources.

The app can be found through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store by typing in Airman Safety App or by visiting via desktop