Lazyman triathlon challenges fitness goals

  • Published
  • By Halle Thornton
  • 50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The 50th Force Support Squadron extended the Lazyman Triathlon into the summer, challenging Schriever Airmen to push their fitness goals to the limit.

April has participants completing all of March’s events (Lazyman Triathlon plus 26.2 miles on the elliptical) along with 2,000 floors on a stair mill.

·         May adds 50,000 meters on the rower to all the events completed in April.

·         June adds 23,035 feet on the Jacob’s ladder to all the events done in May.

For the finale, July adds the completion of the Murph challenge, a 1 mile run, 300 body squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull-ups and a final 1 mile run, to the June events. Participants can schedule the Murph with the gym staff only after completing the rest of the events.

Participants will be given one hour to complete the Murph.

Seth Cannello, 50th Force Support Squadron fitness center director, said only three people continued the extra Lazyman events.

“I thought we’d have a very small number of people moving on,” he said. “It’s hard and you have to remain extremely focused. There’s no reward, so unless you’re a workout freak or very dedicated, there’s no reason to move on. The people that I spoke to are determined to finish.”

Cannello said monthly fitness center events bring people together in a non-working environment and increase morale. 

“They also allow people to set goals,” he said. “If you want to run a half marathon, we do one every October so individuals can train to complete the event. If you run in our half marathon, then your goal could be to improve your time year after year. I’m just using a half marathon as an example, but your focus or training could apply to our other events like the deadlift/bench press comp or other runs throughout the year.

“Additionally, there are two gentlemen who challenged each other to finish the Lazyman and have really pushed each other,” Cannello continued. “They turned in their sheets almost at the same time and now they’re seeing how far they can go to try to out duel the other one.”

For Lt. Col. James Hogan, 7th Space Operations Squadron commander, the added Lazyman events have kept him in shape and have boosted morale between his fellow Airman.

“This has really motivated me,” he said. “We agreed not to hide our status on any of the challenges. We want to see how far we can take this.”

Hogan has until the end of April to complete his remaining 58 laps in the pool, 39.75 miles on the bike, 12.9 miles of running, 950 floors on the stair mill and 11.5 miles on the elliptical.

“I feel great,” he said. “ I’ve already lost 10 pounds.”

Upcoming fitness center events include:

  • Annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month dodgeball tournament, May 3.  
  • The Murph Fitness Challenge (1-mile run, 300 body squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull-ups, 1-mile run), May 10.
  • “Bomber Biathlon” June 29 at the U.S. Air Force Academy. This event will be a 5K run on the Santa Fe Trail followed by a 13-mile road bike ride. 
  • 5K before the start of the base picnic, July 19.
  • Archery tournament, Aug. 2.
  • Dry Try (2000 meter row, 300 body squats, 5K run), Sept. 6.
  • Annual half marathon, Oct. 4.
  • Turkey Trot, Nov. 22.
  • Indoor hockey tournament, Dec. 20.

For more information on upcoming fitness center events, call 567-6628.