State of Colorado Transfers Land to Schriever Space Force Base in Support of Key National Security Missions

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The State of Colorado hosted a ‘handing over’ ceremony of Patent 8583 to senior military leaders from Schriever Space Force Base. The Patent transfers title of 640 acres of land located at Schriever Space Force Base — a critical military installation in El Paso County — from the State of Colorado to the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

The State has leased this parcel of trust land to the DOD since 1982 when the military began plans to build the base. Officials from the Air Force and Governor Polis determined it was in the best interest of national security to transfer ownership. 

“Colorado is proud of our strong military heritage and the role we play in critical national security missions,” said Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera and co-chair of the Colorado Space Coalition. “Given the critically important nature of the mission at Schriever Space Force Base, it’s imperative that the Department of Defense has full control over lands that house mission-critical military infrastructure. This land transfer is another example of how the State of Colorado is working to be the best home to our military members and key missions.”

Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera serves as co-chair of the Colorado Space Coalition and National Chair of the Aerospace States Association and has advocated for Colorado’s role as the epicenter of national security space and worked to support our military families as well as further develop the aerospace industry across the State of Colorado.

Colorado has a strong military presence with seven installations statewide. With the nation’s 2nd-largest aerospace economy, Colorado has served as America’s hub for aerospace for over 60 years, and the state’s thriving aerospace industry employs over 274,000 people either directly or indirectly statewide working at the forefront of aerospace innovation and collaboration across the commercial, national security, and civil space sectors. 

Lt. Governor Chief of Staff Mark Honnen ceremoniously presented the Patent to Col. David Hanson, Space Base Delta 1 commander, at the Colorado State Land Board’s public board meeting in Denver, Colorado, Jan. 11, 2023.


Original source:State of Colorado Transfers Land to Schriever Space Force Base in Support of Key National Security Missions | Department of Natural Resources (DNR)