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Warrior Spotlight: Capt. Jeremy Hodges

Capt. Jeremy Hodges and family

Capt. Jeremy Hodges and family

Capt. Jeremy Hodges

Capt. Jeremy Hodges

SCHRIEVER AFB, Colo. -- Captain Jeremy Hodges, the winner of the 2009 310th Space Wing Company Grade Officer of the Year, is the 310th Space Wing's inaugural Airman in the Warrior Spotlight. 

Where did Captain Hodges come from? How is it he is now in charge of teaching and evaluating instructors for the Space Education and Training Center? Where did he find time to finish his doctorate while also teaching multiple classes for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in his off time? And how did he accomplish all this while still finding time to be a great dad and husband, and raise horses? Dr. Jeremy Hodges stands out among the amazing people in the U.S. Air Force and in the 310th Space Wing.

Jeremy Hodges was born into a General Motors family in Flint, Mich... he is a '78 model. With the startup of the Saturn car company, they moved to Tennessee, where Jeremy first demonstrated his tenacious work ethic in various restaurants from 1994-1997. He quickly moved up the restaurant food chain through cook, waiter, dining room manager, kitchen manager, assistant manager, and finally head chef.

Captain Hodges enlisted in the Air Force in December 1997. While on active duty, he was stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, and Minot Air Force Base, N.D. He supported multiple combat operations, including Operation ALLIED FORCE, and after being commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in 2002, he lead 79 troops in munitions production for Operation NORTHERN WATCH. His multiple strengths allowed him to succeed in every occupation, which included communications, ammo, helicopter and missile maintenance. While enlisted, he completed two bachelor of science degrees in three years with honors, and then as a young officer completed his masters degree in aeronautical science. Not surprisingly, his enlisted time saw him garner the 28 SPTG Airmen of the Year and make grade consistently early. In 2005, he was the 91st Space Wing Leo Marquez winner. By this time, Captain Hodges was already teaching graduate school for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Captain Hodges joined the Air Force Reserve as an AGR at McGhee Tyson Air Force Base, Ala., in 2006. He trained over 500 officer candidates between 2006 and 2008, personally commissioning 94. He earned company grade officer of the year 2007 for Air National Guard Training and Education Center. In March of 2008, he joined the RNSSI, leading the course development and assessment programs section and subsequently becoming chief of standardization and evaluation. His student feedback metrics program, recurring instructor training program, and faculty evaluation program have all been lauded by leadership, producing among other accolades, his selection as 2008 NSSI CGO of the year and the 2009 RNSSI and 310 SW CGO of the year awards.

Throughout the last few years, Captain Hodges has continued his commitment to lifelong learning and teaching. He has taught over 30 graduate and certificate classes in operations, maintenance, leadership, safety, and management for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University both online and at various campuses. This January, he completed his doctorate in business administration. His careful examination of knowledge management capabilities led to a published article and a book chapter on knowledge management. Moreover, he continues to serve on over 20 thesis or capstone project committees for graduate students at Embry-Riddle.

At home, Captain Hodges remains blessed in his family. Twelve years ago in July, Jeremy Hodges married Terryn Whitmore of Michigan. As Captain Hodges puts it, Terryn is the only woman he's ever loved. They have two children, Dylan (10) and Julia (6), both of whom Terryn homeschools. Terryn also runs everything in the house and the farm. She is active in their church and a green belt in Go Jiu Bujitsu.

Captain Hodges lights up when talking about his children. Dylan is his pride, a blue belt in karate who plays baseball each year and has a special affinity for minerals, as a card carrying member of the Colorado Mineralogical Society. Julia is his joy. She recently started dance classes and knows more about the bible than he does.
The Hodges have a very active family life, starting Falcon Gypsy Horse Farm Company in 2009, with the vision of producing superior quality gypsy horses. They are currently acquiring breeding stock, with projected first sales in 2011. They are members of Falcon Baptist Church and Jeremy and Terryn are actively involved in music ministry, Sunday school and even missions. At the time of this writing, Jeremy is within days of leaving for Uruguay for 10 days, where he will help construct a new church building. Captain Hodges is a member of ROA, AFA, Academy of Management (reviewer), and the Association of Information Systems.