RA badge move delivers benefits

  • Published
  • By 50th Security Forces Squadron

As most of our Schriever community is aware, the 50th Security Forces Squadron recently moved badging operations from the Visitor Control Center in Building 15 to the North Entry Control Facility in the restricted area portals.  While the long-standing process to issue badges from the control center had its conveniences, we simply could not continue to do business in this manner.  Air Force Instruction guidance strictly prohibited these badges from leaving the RA.

“Aside from AFI compliance, there are a few other points that make this badging move a positive change.  The most important aspect of the change is reducing the risk we incur for losing T and V badges,” said Staff Sgt. Andrew Beer, 50 SFS Pass & ID NCOIC.

Each year, up to 200 badges go missing or are mailed back from out-of-state visitors.  The accountability of an access card is critical, given the priority of resources to which these cards grant access.  These lost badges also cost the base close to $1,000 and several man hours to recode and reprint annually.” 

A more relatable benefit to RA visitors is this new process eliminates the need for users to return to the VCC in the event there are badging issues at the portals; they can simply walk to the security forces member at the NECF and resolve the situation on the spot.  Escorts are no longer required to leave the RA to meet their visitors at the VCC, as all members requiring access can meet their sponsors at the same location they are issued badges.  Another positive change directly affecting customers is wait times. Customers do not have to wait behind individuals at the VCC who are being helped in other facets (permanent badges, base vehicle/visitor passes, EAL processing, etc.).  A final benefit seen from the badging move is temporary PINs are issued right where they will be utilized, and personnel can be monitored by the same individual who issued their badge as they make their way through the portals. This greatly reduces the risk of security incidents due to incorrect PINs or unfamiliarity with processing through the portals. 

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve this new process,” said Beer. “Our defenders will continue to vet your concerns and deliver a streamlined, customer friendly process.”

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