Voting Assistance Program Updates

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Cindy East
  • 310th Space Wing Voting Assistance Officer
The general election is 90 days away. To register, request a ballot, and vote absentee go to to complete your Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). It takes less than 10 minutes to complete using the online registration and absentee ballot assistant.

This year there is a lot at stake in the upcoming general election. According to Pam Mitchell, the Federal Voting Assistance Program's acting director, voting assistance for absentee voters is the best that it has ever been. There is a new, streamlined process to register, obtain a ballot and ensure everyone has adequate opportunities to exercise their right to vote. Read more about FVAP initiatives by clicking here!

Help spread the word! Pass this on to other military or overseas voters, including spouses and voting age dependents.

Upcoming primaries are: TN - 2 Aug; KS, MI, MO - 7 Aug; HI - 11 Aug; CT, FL, MN, WI - 14 Aug; GA Runoff - 21 Aug; WY - 21 Aug; AK, AZ, VT - 28 Aug; Guam - 4 Sep; MA - 6 Sep; DE, NH, NY, RI, VI - 11 Sep. Absentee Voter Week - 27 Sep until 4 Oct. U.S. General Election - 6 Nov.

Remember, your vote counts! Contact your 310th Space Wing Voting Assistance Officer, Lt. Col. Cindy East, at 719-567-4569, with any questions or call Mr. Randy Saunders, 567-6877, your Installation Voting Assistance Officer. You can also email: