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  • Veterans build resiliency through equine assisted therapy

    A 2014 press release from The Department of Veteran’s Affairs determined that at least twenty veterans die each day from suicide. Multiple programs have begun reaching out to the veteran population in order to bring this high number down and provide our nation’s veterans with the help they need. One

  • Mom, RV adventurer makes Air Force Reserve Rescue history

    Individuals start businesses, build monuments and create beautiful artwork to gain recognition and to kick start their own legacies. However, sometimes people do amazing things that were never a part of their agenda to begin with.Citizen Airman Maj. Jennifer Orton is one of those people. Most days

  • In-service recruiters provide insight for 310th Airmen

    The 310th Space Wing Recruiting Service is officially under new management. Senior Master Sgt. Melissa Melichar and Master Sgt. Marc Gregory both recently transitioned to the 310th office and expressed excitement at being here to help.