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  • Women's Leadership Symposium a success

    Maj. Gen. Nina Armango had a vision. She wanted to bring together women from all walks of life, serving in different occupations across the Air Force, and offer them an opportunity to learn about leadership. She also wanted to create an opening for mentorship and comradery to thrive.

  • Vendors provide meal options for Reservists

    Members of the 310th Space Wing enjoy the convenience of having a food truck available to them during the Unit Training Assembly on Saturday, Feb. 11th, 2017. With limited food options on Schriever, the willingness of vendors to participate one weekend each month has strengthened morale and unit

  • Citizen Airmen assist in global communication

    Fifteen years ago, a permanent change of station for Airmen meant having an in-depth travel plan. Paper road maps, phone calls to hotels and communicating with leadership before their travels were just a few of the necessary steps. There was no GPS, or ways to send email while on the road.

  • Delayed Enlistment Program prepares trainees for BMT

    Training Airmen to embrace a superior standard of force readiness plays a big part in the overall success of the Air Force. For members of the United States Air Force Reserve, that training begins before they even step foot onto the training grounds of Lackland Air Force Base. Reserve recruits begin

  • Warrior Spotlight: SrA Christian Ramos

    In the fast-paced world of 2016, finding balance within a schedule has become a challenge. Balancing time, family, work, social life and school are just a few of the factors airmen face on a daily basis. In the Reserve, finding that balance with a full-time job while also meeting military

  • Keep Comm and Carry On

    Schriever Air Force Base professionals are likely to experience at least one communications related issue in the workplace on a daily basis; a sluggish computer, an “Access Denied” pop-up window or, on an exceptionally grievous occasion, the ever-feared “blue screen of death.”

  • Schriever goes big for base picnic

    “Go big or go home.”The proverbial saying rang true during the Summer Slam Base Picnic Friday, at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.